Mech Punk at The Reality

Last month we attended the popular lan party The Reality in Assen. It was the largest lan party we have attended to date and it was a good opportunity to get feedback from gamers on Mech Punk.

The tables before the guests arrived.

This time around we updated the game to full Oculus Rift support, which required proper gaming PCs to run everything as smooth as possible. We also updated the ingame graphics, mainly the cockpit. This made the game feel a lot smoother and slightly more polished.

We had our main event on saturday where we were allowed to broadcast on the main main stage and all screens of the Reality. This allowed many people to get ot know Mech Punk.

On saturday night we had a special live stream with 2 Twitch streamers, where they played the game and showcased it to their viewers. They enjoyed the game very much and would like to play it some more in the future.

It was a very succesful even for us and we will be sure to attend next year!