We are an engineering company focussed on creating custom solutions for clients. From IoT, prototyping, data acquisition to data analysis

We do

Create custom Internet of Things solutions for your company

3D modeling and 3D printing

We have lots of experience in creating 3D print from our own design with mechanical functionality.


Have a great idea for a product? We will make a fully functional prototype to make the next step in your venture

Internet connectivity

Product we made heavily relied upon connectivity between different devices using the power of the internet.

Web Design and Dashboards

Visualization, monitoring or presenting your data or project online with custom made solutions

Data analysis

Analyzing and presentation of data

Deep learning

Use neural networks to predict the next action


Add sensors and actuator to give life to our products

Workshops and courses

We are happy to teach you the skills you need for your venture.

Graphic Design

Finish off all the work with good graphic art

We did
2017 Semi finals Philips Innovation awards
2017 Data analysis for customer journey
2017 CXData website www.cxdata.nl
2018 Wifi Controlled RC cars
2018 Python courses using Robotics www.programmeercursussen.nl
2018 GPS and accelerometer measurements boxes
2018 Car design for deep learning
2018 Remote controlled robotic arm
2018 AI controlled inverted pendulum
2018 Future Flux
We use